Supportive Services

A Holistic Spectrum of Coordinated Care

Our continuum of care ensures that our residents' needs are individually assessed and addressed from the minute they walk through our doors to the moment they return to the community as successful adults.

Career Development — Education and Vocation
Our teachers help our kids to set and reach their educational goals, from learning to read and getting their GEDs, to returning to high school or applying for college. Our vocational curriculum gives them the tools they need to learn find and obtain a job and advance in their career.

We have close working relationships with area medical providers to offer each young person a physical, wellness visits and specialty care as needed. Our community partners also work with our team to treat their chronic illnesses and offer preventative education and care. 

Behavioral Health
About 90 percent of our kids have a mental health diagnosis, ranging from depression to schizophrenia. Our LCSWs access them, provide short-term counseling and connect them to ongoing services in the community. For kids with more severe and persisting mental health diagnoses, our Nancy's Place, residential program offers more comprehensive round-the-clock care.

Youth Advocacy Center
Our attorneys represent our young people in civil legal matters, including immigration, housing, public benefits, and are advocates for our youth in the criminal justice system. From obtaining identification to becoming emancipated, our attorneys provide an array of much needed services to the kids. 

We help our kids find and maintain their own apartments and continue to support them for as long as they need to remain successfully and happily independent.