A Continuum of Care

We open doors of opportunity and hope to homeless youth through three core programs: Outreach, Crisis Centers, and Supportive Housing, each playing a specific role in the journey from homelessness to a bright future. These programs were designed to connect, protect, nourish, heal, and transform lives.

Our Outreach teams are on-the-street experts in finding and connecting to homeless youth and those can help us reach them, ensuring that local homeless, runaway and trafficked youth know that we're here if they need us.

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Crisis Care
Our Crisis Centers quickly address the immediate needs of those who come through our doors and help them to stabilize the issues that have rendered them homeless.

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Supportive Housing
Our community-based supportive living programs help homeless youth learn how to successfully live on their own. 

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Supportive Services
We know homeless youth need more than a place to stay. Our holistic set of coordinated robust services under our one roof help young people to address the challenges they face and build a happy, healthy and independent adulthood for themselves. 

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