Leave a Legacy of Hope

Have a lasting impact on the lives of homeless youth for years to come

For a homeless kid without a family, there is no such thing as an inheritance ... no nest egg passed from generation to generation. Every year, a number of our dear friends make their final gifts to Covenant House through their estate plans. These gifts are great acts of love. Every legacy gift has spiritual significance, no matter what final amount is distributed.

Learn more in the video below about the power of Leaving your Legacy from Dr. James J. Gallagher, CHNJ Emeritus Board Member:

Thoughtful Ways to Remember our Kids

Many legacy gifts are made through a provision in a Last Will and Testament. A popular alternative to a Will is to name Covenant House the beneficiary of one of our financial accounts including bank accounts, retirement accounts, and life insurance. A Beneficiary Designation does not require an attorney and can typically be created by simply signing a form provided by the account administrator. 


Witness Your Own Legacy

You can combine good financial planning with legacy giving by making your legacy gift during your lifetime. You and your family can receive generous financial and tax benefits, assets can be put to good use, and you can personally witness the difference your gift is making in the lives of our homeless youth today. The possibilities in Charitable Gift Planning are numerous and include Gift Annuities, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Gifts of Personal Residence and Lead Trusts. 


Language That May Be Helpful In Making Your Bequest 

Example of unrestricted bequest language:

I give (insert dollar amount, property to be given, percentage of the estate, or "the remainder of my estate") to Covenant House New Jersey, a nonprofit corporation, Taxpayer Identification Number 13-3537710, located at 330 Washington Street, Newark, NJ 07102. 


Please Let Us Know

If you include Covenant House New Jersey in your estate planning, please let us know so that we can thank you and offer you membership in the Covenant House New Jersey Cornerstone, a group of individuals who have shown their love for our kids by including Covenant House in their legacies. We would love to keep you updated on our work and the difference your commitment is making in the lives of homeless youth throughout New Jersey.


We Are Here If You Need More Information 

Our booklet "Thoughtful Ways to Provide for Our Kids" is available to assist you and your advisors in determining what would be best for you. For a copy or for additional information, please contact Marcia Mann at mmann@covenanthouse.org, or at 973-286-3433.