New Jersey Devils Score for Covenant House Kids

New Jersey Devils Score for Covenant House Kids

On Saturday March 24th, the New Jersey Devils hosted their first-ever Sleep Out for homeless youth at the Prudential Center,  raising over $139,000 to support Covenant House! CHNJ is honored to have built such a significant and prominent community partnership with the New Jersey Devils over the last several years. The organization along with their big-hearted fans was comprised of 87 sleepers. Through the success of the inaugural Sleep Out, we know together, the New Jersey Devils and CHNJ make an impactful team!

Some of the most memorable moments of the night took place when CHNJ youth Ainsley and Aiyonnah shared their stories and their journey to Covenant House.  Ainsley is now attending The College of Mount St. Vincent on a full scholarship having been facilitated by CHNJ. Aiyonnah is CHNJ’s second employee now working at the Audible Customer Service Center in Newark.


The participants also got to hear from Covenant House Alumni, Ashley. The Devils met Ashley in 2014 and hear his dreams for a future in the culinary world. What was a simple gesture by the Devils was a profoundly impactful opportunity for Ashley. They offered him a position at the Prudential Center in their executive suites. Ashley continues to be employed by the Devils, doing an "A+" job for them in their executive suites and is a "go to guy" for significant events for the Devils. Congratulations to Ashley for his resilience in overcoming so much adversity and to the Devils as well  for making such a difference in Ashley's life and continuing to make a difference in the lives of homeless youth who find their way to the doors of Covenant House.

There were many champions at the Sleep Out : Devils forward Miles Wood (#44), Hugh Weber - President NJ Devils, Jeff Scott- Vice President Community Investments and Grass Roots and  top-fundraisers Alex Bosland and Adam Davis - each who raised over $10,000 for the event.    


New Jersey Devils Forward (#44), Miles Wood 


From left: Gabe Harris, David Collins, Hugn Weber, and Adam Davis.

Team Boz - Jeff (Second from right) and Alex Bosland (second from left), Father and Son team who together raised over $16,000!

From Left: Sue Monteiro (CHNJ- Sr. Development Manager), Gabe Harris and kids, Janette Scrozzo (CHNJ- Development Director).

The Harris Family together raised over $7,000!

From left: Jeff Scott (Prudential Center & New Jersey Devils VP, Community Investment & Grassroots), Jim White (CHNJ-Executive Director), Youths (Chrissy, Aiyonnah, Ashley, & Ainsley), Janette Scrozzo (CHNJ- Development Director), and Marcia Mann (CHNJ- Senior Development Director).


Join us for Sleep Out: Women Unite on Friday April 27th.

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