Human Trafficking

How Human Trafficking and Child Slavery Hurt Homeless Kids

There is a grave misconception in this country that human trafficking is a trend relegated to foreign soil. But the painful truth is that human trafficking – one of the world's fastest-growing criminal industries – is a monstrous issue in this country. In fact, 85% of confirmed sex trafficking victims are U.S. citizens, mostly runaway children.

Often disconnected from family and friends, homeless kids are particularly susceptible to traffickers who will lure them with the promise of food, warmth, and even false love. Once snatched from the streets without anyone noticing, they are sold for the highest price, their dignity and sense of self destroyed.

Covenant House receives many of these young people after they've found the courage to escape capture, have been freed by police raids, or have made contact with Covenant House outreach staff combing the streets day and night looking for kids in need and at risk.

On Their Behalf, We Offer an Urgent Call to Service

We must ignite, state by state, a movement by schools, civic groups, police, social service agencies, and child advocates LIKE YOU to speak out for those who have been victims, work together to raise awareness of the crisis, and empower our government to protect America's children.

Visit our Abolish Child Trafficking website to learn how you can make a difference. It's time for action. It's time to start a movement to abolish child trafficking!

Real People Can Make a Difference

Thanks to people like you lending their voices to our efforts, Covenant House helped move both International Megan's Law and the Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Deterrence and Victims Support Act of 2010 through the House.

We are speaking up for the victims of child trafficking – but we need your help to ensure that more legislative initiatives are passed to protect our children!