Audible Supports Our Kids

Audible Presents Our Kids With Water and Backpacks

It’s so great to have the continuing support of our Newark neighbor, Audible, the audiobook division of Amazon.  Recently, we welcomed eight Audible employees to work with our youth at our Dove Learning Center where we teach resiliency skills to our youth to help them obtain and maintain positive living environments.  The project of the day taught communication and teamwork skills within small teams composed of Audible employees and our youth.

The Audible employees also spent time gaining an understanding of Covenant House and all the services we provide.  In particular, they heard directly from two of our very special youth in a panel discussion of homelessness and what Covenant House has meant to them.

In addition, as pictured, Audible delivered water bottles and backpacks to support our youth attending school and going to work.

Thanks so much to our friends and neighbors from Audible for their continuing support.

If you wish to get your company involved as part of a Service Day experience or some other way, reach out to Janette Scrozzo at or via phone at (973) 286-3544.