Read About Ainsley's Success and Covenant

Greetings from The College of Mount Saint Vincent: I hope that you are all staying warm during this winter season. First and foremost, I want to take this opportunity to personally thank Sean Gernant, Rose Stallmeyer, Edegomae Gayle, John Copeland, Jim White, Meghan Leigh, Sarah Jones, ToniMarie DiPietro, Marcia Mann, and all of the staff at the Covenant House as well as those of you who have made efforts to combat homelessness this past year. Thank you for sleeping out, volunteering, and giving gifts. Take pride in knowing that your contributions have made a profound impact on my life and the lives of other homeless youth.                                                     

Covenant House has been paramount to my transition from homelessness to a Mott Street Scholar at The College of Mount Saint Vincent. I was initially informed about the scholarship opportunity and from there Covenant House provided everything from transportation to tour the school and interview with faculty, and finally supplying me with all of the essential items I would need to successfully embark on my journey to higher education. I could not ask for more.

I’m currently residing on campus as a Communications major. Some of the extracurricular activities I’m involved in include Volleyball & Cross Country. My first game is January 19th and I’m beyond thrilled to dominate this season.

My goals for this year are to maintain a cumulative GPA of 4.0, to win the Skyline Conference Championship, and to give back to my community through volunteer service. Last but not least, my Covenant to the youth at Covenant House is to push through any and all adversity I encounter during my time here at The College of Mount Saint Vincent, and to continue to be not only a source of inspiration but an example of what is possible when you believe in yourself and have the full support of Covenant House and donors like you. Thank you for investing in us. May your year be filled with happiness and success.