Welcome! Accenture & Deloitte

Accenture employees help youth at the DLC.

Recently, employees from two of our long-time corporate partners, Accenture and Deloitte came to our Newark Community Center. As part of their corporate community Day of Service initiatives, employees spent the day with us, meeting and helping our incredible young people.

Volunteers worked with our youth at our Dove Learning Center (DLC). There they helped our youth learn resiliency skills designed to help them succeed in accomplishing their goals. The blended learning approach helps our young people grow in 5 skill areas: education, employment, social navigation, financial literacy, and physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. CHNJ staff shared about the challenges young people face as they overcome situations such as homelessness, poverty, abuse and human trafficking. Four of our young men shared their personal journey's that led them to our doors. Our young people saw walls come down as they got to see how much these generous volunteers cared about them. Thank you to all those who participated!

We so appreciate our great corporate partnerships!

If you wish to get your company involved as part of a Service Day experience or some other way, reach out to Janette Scrozzo at jscrozzo@covenanthouse.org or via phone at (973) 286-3544.